COMPACT FEEDING: The Storti Proposal


One of the greatest difficulties encountered daily by dairy farmers in the trough is the constant selection of what is most appetising for the animals with important direct consequences on animal health, milk production and in general the need for an efficient management control.

Compact Feeding seems to offer a solution to prevent selection. But what exactly is Compact Feeding and how does it work in practice?

Compact feeding may seem like just a matter of adding water to the ration with the idea that “it doesn’t hurt to try”. But it’s much more than just adding water. It is a form of TMR (Total Mixed Ration) feeding where all the cows in a group have unlimited access to a ration that has been mixed so well that they cannot select (even when the feed dries out over the course of the day) and each bite has the same composition.


Mixing according to the „compact feeding principle” takes place in three stages:

  • First mix: soaking the dry concentrate components in water
  • Central mix: adding structure
  • Final mix: adding corn

Compact TMR feeding technology has been in use for many years and of course there are supporters and opponents of this principle. Also known as a single plate, in Italy, it is the technique that involves the preparation of all the ingredients carefully mixed thanks to a chopper-mixer in a single step. This involves the simultaneous intake of all the food components of the ration and the management, not of a single animal, but of a group of homogeneous animals. The proponents are convinced of the advantages of the Compact TMR protocol and see an increase in production and an improvement in the health of their livestock.

Opponents argue that Compact TMR feeding is too labour intensive, as the costs outweigh the benefits. Others adopt some elements of the concept, such as making a pre-mix, using the right loading order, the right number of auger revolutions and adding water. In this way, it can be integrated into their business operations and they can benefit from some of the advantages of compact feeding.

Thanks to its unique mixing and cutting technology, the DOGO mixer wagon is highly suitable for compact TMR


carro miscelatore dogo

The Storti Dogo model available in 22-25-28 m3 is the evolution of the Husky model: it has the same 3 augers mixing pattern, but with the following improvements:

  • Reinforced transmission suitable for heavy loads;
  • Mixing chopping auger with 1100 mm diameter that improves homogeneity and mixing flow, while drawing lower horsepower from the transmission;
  • Counter-rotating upper augers with blades;
  • 2 independent chains for the upper augers (Husky is equipped with a single chain);
  • 5-point weighing system for high loads;
  • Standard 12 mm tank bottom.

Independent and comparative tests made in Denmark, strong advocate of the Compact TMR since 2012, have shown that the most suitable mixer for this type of feeding is undoubtedly the 3-auger horizontal mixer due to its homogeneity of mix, extremely efficient unloading process and low power consumption.

The comparative test largely consisted of mixers using vertical technology versus our Storti horizontal mixer wagon.

The main defects of vertical mixing in the compact TMR, highlighted by the test are:

  • Higher power consumption due to the vertical flow that lifts the product; with high loads this leads to high wear and tear and the need to protect the transmission;
  • Excessive residues due to wet TMR sticking to the auger flights;
  • Failure to use the counter-blades as they obstruct the mixing flow;
  • TMR blocked to the side walls due to its stickiness.

The Dogo Storti wagon has demonstrated the following advantages in the use of compact TMR:

  • Mixing with fast and homogeneous flow in all 3 phases;
  • Low power consumption in relation to the loaded weight;
  • Complete unloading of the tank.

Always at the forefront in the development of innovative products and services and alongside our customers to respond quickly to their demands for performance and reliability, the Storti mixer wagons have once again passed the test!

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