Carri miscelatori Storti, riduzione dell’85% di polveri

Storti mixer wagons, 85 % dust reduction during tmr preparation


Tired of eating dust? Avoid breathing dust with the new Storti cover for feed mixer wagons.

The functional and fast mobile cover eliminates the problem of dust during TMR preparation.

If a beginner observes the preparation of a TMR ration, the first comment he will make might be: „How much dust!„; as a matter of fact it is almost unavoidable to produce a huge amount of dust while preparing TMR, especially at the beginning while loading and processing dry products.


Dust infiltrates almost everywhere causing a long list of problems:

  •  Increased maintenance and filter cleaning
  • Fire hazard because of dry dust sitting on hot surfaces (such as engine, exhaust, and ignition points)
  • Dirty yards and courtyards
  • Complaints from neighbours as dust goes in their houses
  • If the farmer lives near the barns, dust will reach his house too
  • Problems to photovoltaic systems on the barn rooftops, the panels covered with dust lose a lot of efficiency, and need to be cleaned frequently
  • Dust affecting other appliances such as compressors, fans, electrical panels
  • Finally, the health issue: inhaling dust has an effect on the upper airways of both animals and humans.

To provide an answer to this problem, Storti has studied a new covering system, partially borrowed from the automotive industry. The system is similar to what is normally mounted on tipper trucks transporting loose materials, such as the ones for agricultural use.

Copertura Semovente Orizzontale Trincia-Miscelatore EVO

This solution is available for both trailed and self-propelled models and allows you to quickly close the mixing tank after loading the components, avoiding the dust cloud that is released during mixing.

The steel rope system is a mature and tested solution even in construction industry vehicles and in quarries, where stresses are much more violent than in agricultural applications.

The cover can be hydraulically operated from the tractor or from the self-propelled cab with the possibility of adding a remote control to be used from a telescopic or external loader.

Our first cover installation is more than 2 years old and it was carried out for a farm in Reggio Emilia that produces milk for the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium. This type of TMR is made mainly of dry products. The farmer registered a reduction of dust around 85%.

Copertura antipolvere carro trincia miscelatore

If you are tired of eating dust, contact our sales network to install the dust cover designed by Storti on your feed mixer wagon.

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