Overboost for optimal discharge of food into feed troughs


For efficient and fast emptying of the mix without compromising on fuel consumption.

The solution developed by Storti for perfect feed unloading

The overboost is the function that adds to the already extensive list of options available for the Dobermann range, with which it is possible to rapidly accelerate the rotation of the augers when unloading the feed into the feed troughs, an essential condition for the fast and complete emptying of the vertical mixer wagon.

Technically, vertical mixing has many advantages but also some disadvantages compared to horizontal mixing; usually the discharge into vertical feeders has a pulsating flow due to the frequency of the augers rotation, furthermore the large surface of the spiral ensures that there is always a quantity of product mixed inside, because the centrifugal force is not sufficient to overcome the friction with the spiral.

Completely emptying the mixer has proved to be fundamental especially in view of an organic or certified production, which requires to have the least contamination between one load and another.

On the basis of this need Storti has developed an innovative transmission scheme that combines the efficiency and reliability of a MechDrive mechanical transmission, a technical choice that has always been Storti’s peculiar philosophy, with the possibility of having a rotation boost of the vertical augers up to 50 rpm, in order to guarantee easy emptying during the unloading phase.



The control unit developed internally in our R&D department, manages the operating logic of the transmission:

  • Coordinating the intervention of the main mechanical transmission and secondary hydraulics
  • Maximizing transmission efficiency
  • Reducing fuel consumption
  • Maintaining the unique advantages of reduced maintenance costs typical of the MechDrive mechanical transmission.


Overboost before and after

We invite you to ask your Storti dealer for a demo test of one of our vehicles with this option or to verify the possibility that your own Storti can receive this modification with an intervention from our Service department.


Good work and good emptying !!!


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