Finally, after almost 3 months of isolation and sacrifices, on June 3rd Italy returned to be One, united and strong in recovering the path towards normality.

They were 3 long months , lived among fears and uncertainties; there was a lot of suffering, but also moments of great solidarity that now help us to look forward, towards a future of security.

Storti S.p.A. continued to operate throughout the lockdown period.

The whole structure of Storti S.p.A. has been active every day!

Our first thought was to help the continuity of the food supply chain, to be supporters to our customers, the farmers, who took care of their livestock providing the country with milk and meat even in the emergency.

Our activity has therefore continued, at a slightly slower pace, respecting the health of employees, customers and safety regulations. During this period, we made sure that our production and service were always available and operational.

Step 3: It will finally be possible to meet face to face again.

It hasn’t been easy, but we have done it and now we look forward to Step 3 with enthusiasm and energy.

We look forward to seeing our customers and suppliers again, not just through a video, but in person, as we have always done.

It will be nice to meet again in the stable, see your herds, visit our dealers’ workshops, and soon return to visit our importers’ showrooms.

In these last 3 months we missed a lot working, and we miss you: we are now back and we intend to continue to take care of you with our usual commitment, but with the strength of those who know they have passed a difficult time.

Hello Italy, you’ve never been more beautiful!

See you soon.

Storti S.p.A.


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