Carri trincia-miscelatori Storti per preparare la miscelata perfetta

How to prepare the perfect tmr? Use a Storti feed mixer wagon



«TMR (Total Mixed Ration): is a method of feeding dairy cattle. The purpose of feeding a TMR diet is that each cow can consume the required level of nutrients in each bite. A cow’s ration should include good quality forages, a balance of grains and proteins, vitamins and minerals. (Source Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia).

The TMR, so called in Anglo-Saxon countries, has for years been recognized as the best way to combine animal welfare, optimal management of resources and profitability of farms.

Implementing TMR, compared to the so-called traditional technique, requires preparation and study by farmers, often assisted by veterinary nutritionists for the formulation of diets suitable for cattle. The preparation of TMR requires the use of advanced and reliable tools, such as a feed mixer, which produces the perfect mix, and a weighing system to help the operator comply with the doses indicated in the herd recipes.

carro trincia miscelatore


Storti mixer wagons are equipped with different models of weighing systems: from the basic one with manual setting, to the most sophisticated one, with the possibility of transferring loading and unloading recipes to a software interface, from which data and statistics useful for company management can be obtained.

All Storti weighing systems have been developed in close collaboration with our suppliers, trying to maximise the performance of the mixer.


The search for the perfect TMR led us to the development of Storti DNA, a sophisticated system that allows us to analyse the nutritional characteristics of feed by using NIR – Near Infrared technology. Storti DNA is mounted on the silage cutter of our self-propelled mixer wagons and, during the loading operations, it analyses various parameters, such as dry matter, starch, protein, ash, ADF, NDF and raw fats.

Analysing the food during the loading operations is very important as it triggers adjustments in a predictive manner and not when the food is already mixed, ensuring that the dry matter target is reached with precision. The quantity of any component of the recipe is then recalculated based on the real dry matter measured by the Storti DNA sensor; the operator receives a warning on the weighing screen during loading indicating that the quantity has been adjusted based on the analysis, and can voluntarily or automatically accept the new quantity, thus maintaining full control of the load.

The other nutritional parameters will be recorded and will form the basis for the veterinary nutritionist’s diet analysis.

Composizione Unifeed

Our mixer wagons are high-tech hardware and software tools which can allow farmers to benefit from the Industry 4.0 Tax Credit Scheme (Italy only).


The expression Industry 4.0 appeared in Italy for the first time in 2016.

It is a package of incentives and tools that aim at creating a favourable context to help Italian companies seize the opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution; it covers all aspects of the life cycle of companies that want to increase competitiveness, offering support in equipment investment, digitisation of production processes, enhancement of workers’ productivity, specific skill training programs and development of new products and processes. Hyper Depreciation, Super Depreciation, Tax Credit in Research and Development and a simplified regulatory framework for start-ups and innovative SMEs.

For the whole of 2020, in order to support and encourage agricultural and industrial companies to invest in new tangible and intangible assets, a new system based on Tax Credits has been launched.

The Tax Credits can be applied both to products with ordinary technology and to products with 4.0 technology. As far as the Storti mixer wagons are concerned, the following models are included:

  • Self-propelled;
  • Trailed;
  • Stationary;
  • Software.

The software for the management of the cloud feeding system with assistance is invoiced at a net price of Euro 1,530.00. Storti also offers free training on the use of the software, accompanied by a certificate of participation. All this is certified by a sworn expert valuation to ensure our customers that our machines comply with the legal parameters for obtaining the tax credit.

4.0 technology goods can take advantage of tax benefits from the moment the machine is interconnected to the company systems.

For further information about Storti DNA and Industry 4.0 technology please do not hesitate to contact us!

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