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The self-propelled wagon is the most flexible and efficient solution in reducing the time spent on loading the mix and unloading the TMR. The self-propelled machine condenses the work of 4 vehicles – tractor, mixer wagon, silage unloader and telescopic loader, with a clear saving in maintenance costs, number of operators required to perform maintenance and, not least, time.


The horizontal self-propelled range consists of two families: the entry level Pointer model and the top of the range Greyhound model. A variety of volumes, configurations and engine choices to satisfy all market needs.
Pointer EVO
Technology and revenue
Pointer IIIa
Tradition and innovation
Greyhound IIIa
A mix of exclusive benefits


The vertical self-propelled range consists of two families: the entry level Terrier model and the top of the range Dobermann model. Machines designed for different uses and demands but all with the same Storti quality and continual innovation.
Dobermann SW GP EVO
Dobermann grows and multiplies
Dobermann SW EVO
Evolution of the species
Dobermann SV EVO
The technology highlights and enhances Unifeed
Dobermann SW GP IIIa
Dobermann Heavy Load
Dobermann SW IIIa
The flagship product
Dobermann SV IIIa
Elevated load capacity with reduced unladen weight
Terrier Evo
The evolution continues
Terrier IIIa
For safe, accurate and quick jobs
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