The turning point for Storti service with the new automated warehouse

The turning point for Storti service with the new automated warehouse


Nowadays, corporate communication is considered a fundamental strategic lever for creating and strengthening the relationship of trust that is established with those who purchase its products or services; but not only! Corporate communication plays an important role also in the company’s relationship with the internal customer, represented by employees and collaborators. That’s why for Storti it is fundamental to take care of the internal communication and look for ways to increase the involvement of all the people within the company, using as a good marketing strategy also the gadgets.

(With the start of the new year, Storti proposes a series of exclusive and high quality personalised garments, also available for sale on our website. We have tried to take care of every detail with particular attention to our new Brand.

The new brand, as for Storti’s tradition, has undergone further changes at the production level in order to further improve the quality of the final product of our company.

For this reason, Storti has equipped itself with a new automated vertical warehouse for our service, capable of picking and storing material of different sizes, weights, heights and volumes. The warehouse contains spare parts for service, as well as products and consumables for distribution and sales. The advantages of this investment for Storti are space saving, traceability and availability of products, safety for goods and operators and picking speed; it is also able to manage material (it has also enabled the management of material) and user master data, production orders, stock levels and dedicated reports for a better stock control).


With this innovation, Storti service team has been able to optimise operations and improve efficiency towards its customers. Once again, Storti not only proves to listen to and take care of its customers needs, but above all guarantees a continuous improvement of work quality throughout the network of employees and partners.


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