Storti’s horizontal and vertical mixer wagons at Fieragricola 2022


This year, after a 2-year break due to the Covid 19 pandemic, Storti Spa took part in Fieragricola, one of the most expected exhibition events in the Italian agricultural panorama, an important opportunity to meet professionals and all agriculture lovers.

Taking part in Fieragricola allows us to be close to the end user, a factor that is increasingly important today in order to build a solid and reciprocal bond. On the one hand we have the opportunity to understand how market needs are evolving, and on the other we can learn how best to meet the needs of the farmers who choose us.fieragricola-2022-gallery1

A feedback of the trade show?

The feedback of the trade show is certainly a positive one as far as our sector is concerned. There was a great turnout from the point of view of the market users, all our dealers were present in an important way as well as many of our customers.

For this edition Storti has created a winning format, thanks to the collaboration with “Verona Fiere”, giving away about 4000 free tickets to all the people interested in visiting us. We have collected many testimonials of thanks, we mention some of them:

  • „Only the best are on the market, congratulations.”
  • „You are a great company! Made in Italy forever”
  • „You are the best in terms of reliability and experience, well done”.
  • „Great job by the company in the field of mixer wagons”.
  • „Very nice company I have had the opportunity to see your exceptional vehicles”.


What’s new about us?

Storti presented the top of the range, the Dobermann Evo2 SW AS 220 self-propelled cutter mixer wagon with all the updates of the stage V engine and the novelty of the shredder which allows a precise and fast cut.

„A particular note is for the Fiber Pickup System (Fps) which, as part of the loading system capable of reaching a height of 5.70 metres, loads the products quickly while respecting the integrity of the fibres”. During the loading process, the new Fps mill cuts the product with a series of knives, responding to the demands of the South European market, where it is preferred to prepare rations with dry fibre and short-cut material”.

Since Storti has a complete range of all mixing technologies, Fieragricola was the occasion to present the Dogo MT 220 cutter-mixer wagon: this is a large-capacity horizontal wagon, for large farms that want to remain with horizontal mixing, particularly suitable for the preparation of compact feeding.

„Dogo offers multi-flow mixing, made possible by the lower auger that cuts and mixes the product by pushing it towards the front of the bin, and the two upper augers that push the product back.”

Also exhibiting at Fieragricola, with a booth next to Storti S.p.A, Ecofarm Storti with its range of products selected to obtain enormous benefits in agriculture, horticulture and fruit-growing and in zootechnics to increase animal welfare.

What is Storti’s winning formula for the future, also based on its experience at Fieragricola?

Our winning formula over the years has been maximum attention to customers and maximum support for the distribution network, because a brand is only as strong as its network. Storti will certainly pay more attention to the needs of a market that is changing and that presents us with great opportunities.


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