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Storti S.p.A.: Our Dunker Vertical Trailed Range


Like every machine in our range, our vertical trailed mixer wagons have a dog’s name to represent them: Dunker.

The range is divided into three macro-categories: T1 – T2 – T3 and ranges from the Dunker T1 80S, 8m³ up to the largest Dunker T3 440L, 44m³.

STORTI Dunker T3

The number 1, 2 or 3 identifies how many augers the machine has, while the letter S, M or L identifies the diameter of the tank and augers: S Small, R Reduce, M Medium, L Large or Split, the bolted version of which we have discussed in another News dedicated mainly to exports outside Europe.

Here in details the entire possible combination of the Dunker range:

Vertical with 1 Auger

  • Dunker T1 80-100-120 S
  • Dunker T1 80-100-120 R
  • Dunker T1 80-100-120 Split
  • Dunker T 1 120-140-170-200 L

Vertical with 2 Augers

  • Dunker T2 140-160-180-210-240 S
  • Dunker T2 180-220-250 M
  • Dunker T2 240-270-300-330 L
  • Dunker T2 180 Split

Vertical with 3 Augers

  • Dunker T3 300 S
  • Dunker T3 360-400-440 L

The entire trailed range of Dunker is also available in a stationary version with electric motor; in this case we have two different versions: one dedicated to animal feeding and one for Biogas. Both can now also count on a Dunker T3 600, 60m³ version.

Our mixer wagons come from here! From a dynamic and specialised team with a lot of experience.


Apart from all these specifications, our Dunker mixer wagons come from a continuous development in order to achieve ever better TMR quality targets and a soft and attractive mix.

The design of the tank, augers and knives is therefore the result of experience and continuous testing in different markets and conditions.

To make any model in the range as flexible as possible and to meet all requirements, there are practically infinite solutions available in terms of the number and positioning of the discharge doors, direct or with belts, front, rear or side.

Further customisations are possible by adding cameras or lights, rather than different types of magnets or long-lasting solutions such as stainless steel coatings for augers or tank walls.

Special applications such as, for example, movable covers to reduce dust or systems for adding molasses or water are another example of the company’s continuous development and dialogue with the market.


You can look for further information on our website at or ask your nearest Storti dealer for more details and maybe a test of the model that best suits your needs to experience all the advantages of a Storti Dunker!

Good work to everyone!
Storti S.p.A.

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