Storti renews its image


Some time ago, our company decided to invest in important projects to renew its image by better communicating its brand. In particular, we have focused our attention on three fundamental aspects: the new corporate image, new catalogues for the product range, which will be divided into horizontal mixer wagons, vertical mixer wagons and self-propelled mixer wagons, and the revision of our logo.

We worked closely with a design agency to create a fresh, modern corporate image. Our historic logo has been slightly revised and reworked, always accompanied by an iconic design that reflects our constant search for innovation and quality.

In addition, we have created new catalogues to present our products in a more attractive and user-friendly manner. We have added larger images and detailed descriptions of the features and functions of each product. We have emphasised the standard equipment and options available, as well as the flexibility of the product and the technologies that can be applied on it. These new catalogues reflect our constant search for innovation and our ability to offer customers the most advanced solutions. The first catalogue produced, the one for trailed horizontal cutter-blender wagons, is available here for download.



As already mentioned, we have revised our logo to make it more modern and recognisable. We have retained the distinctive elements of the original one, but have updated them to make them more contemporary and suitable for the digital age. Our new logo has a design that makes it more easily identifiable and memorable, combined with our tagline 'Excellence since 1956′, which emphasises the historicity and solidity of our company.

Combined with the logo or on its own you will often find our claim 'IN LOVE WITH FEEDING’ greeting you from the pages of our catalogues or from those of our website, which encapsulates the elements of passion and devotion to our and your work that set us apart.

We are very excited to present our new corporate image, new catalogues and revised logo to our customers and partners around the world. These updates represent an important step forward for our company and will help us strengthen our market presence and reach new customers. We are confident that our new corporate image, our new catalogues and our revised logo will be a competitive advantage for us. Those who are receiving one of our new wagons these months will be able to discover some of these improvements for themselves as they are also visually adopted with the new stickers for all our machines.

However, we will not stop there. We will continue to invest in new technologies and innovative solutions to help our customers achieve their goals. We are also committed to constantly improving our after-sales service and to offering a high-quality shopping experience to all our customers.

In summary, our new corporate image, new catalogues and revised logo are just the beginning of our quest for innovation and more effective brand communication. We are confident that these changes will help us achieve our goals and maintain our position as a leader in our industry. We are ready to face the challenges of the future and provide our customers with the most reliable and advanced solutions.

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