Storti and Farmstore: a successful combination projected into the future


On 20 and 21 May, we had the privilege of joining the Farmstore team to celebrate important milestones over the years.

Farmstore was founded 25 years ago by Adriaan and Anita van den Berg. Here at Storti, we remember well that summer day when Adriaan, sitting in the office with Paolo Storti, was planning to start his own business after the Van Gemert company, where he worked, had gone out of business. From his audacity and brilliant entrepreneurial mind, Van Den Berg Farmstore BV was born and has continued to grow over the years to the present day.


25 years ago, Hans Peters began his collaboration with Farmstore: for 25 years, together with Anita and Adriaan, he has worked for the company with passion and enthusiasm, contributing to its success and prosperity.


But above all, the celebrations focused on an important handover: that between Adriaan and Anita van den Berg in favour of Wilko Jilissen and its business partner Erik Lanting, with the updating of the company name to Farmstore BV.

Adriaan and Anita planned in the best possible way when and how they would say goodbye to their creature, now grown up and able to continue on its way. They carefully chose to whom they would hand it over, based on an affinity of values and ethical goals that once again confirmed their depth and fairness.

Now they can enjoy travel, leisure and family, serene in thinking about the future of Farmstore, which moved from Bleskensgraaf to the new, larger building in Cuijk at the beginning of 2022, and the whole team is ready to give maximum support to its customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The path we have travelled together has been beautiful, challenging, full of satisfaction, difficult moments overcome thanks to the common spirit of commitment and cooperation: Storti is ready to face the future together with the Farmstore partners, thanking Adriaan and Anita van den Berg for what they have shared and full of enthusiasm for what the future will hold together with the new team.

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