Fresa di carico con sistema FPS e Trasmissione meccanica al cassone Mech Drive

Silage cutter with FPS system and Mech Drive, Mechanical transmission to the mixing tank


Storti Spa: FPS e Mech Drive, tecnologie uniche e vincenti

Storti Spa: FPS and Mech Drive, unique and winning technologies

What makes a Storti self-propelled feed mixer different from all the others?

A Storti feed mixer has many distinctive features, whether it is trailed or self-propelled; horizontal or vertical.

Among these features, two are definitely unique when talking about self-propelled machines:

  • Silage cutter with FPS system
  • Mech Drive, Mechanical transmission to the mixing tank

The FPS (Fiber Pick-up System), a standard feature on our self-propelled range of mixers, was born many years ago from one of Mr Ottorino Storti’s inventions and then developed by our technical department.

The first machines to use a similar loading system were the horizontal trailed mixer feeders, where the silage cutter was operating at the rear of the wagon.

Over the years, Storti has looked for a solution combining the needs of our customers from all over the world and different components to be loaded onto the wagon: this is how the self-propelled silage loading system was created.

Today the FPS, continuously improved and updated, is applied as standard on all of our self-propelledi wagons.


Fresa anteriore con FPS: carico preciso e veloce senza rovinare l'alimento

The main advantages of this system are:

  1. The cutter adapts to any product to be loaded by selecting the direction of the silage cutter drum rotation, clockwise or anticlockwise.
  2. Maximum power and efficiency thanks to a dedicated hydraulic transmission
  3. Upper counter-blade used in case of loading hay or long products, to be cut by selecting the clockwise direction
  4. Screw conveyor located in an offset position behind the silage cutter drum, for direct and fast loading to the conveyor belt, avoiding blockages, loss of time and continuous product recycling, typical of spiral designed silage cutters.
  5. Bolted knives with tungsten coating, over the entire circumference of the cutter rotor, for fast and efficient loading, to respect fiber structure and avoid rotor blockages.

Additional strengths complete this unique equipment:

  1. Widest loading conveyor on the market
  2. Open cage rollers, easier to clean and more reliable
  3. Standard stainless-steel silage cutter rotor frame designed to withstand the attack of the typical silage acidity.
  4. Rotor, conveyor auger and cutter arm frame available in stainless steel as an option
  5. Excellent visibility from the cab thanks to lowered engine position

The Mech Drive system, on the other hand, consists of a mechanical transmission that runs directly from the diesel engine through a gearbox, a clutch, and a PTO shaft to the mixer.

This technology, standard on the whole range of our self-propelled mixer wagons, offers very important advantages:

  1. Reduction of approximately 20-25% of fuel consumption compared to self-propelled with hydraulic transmission to the mixing augers (comparison made with same working conditions)
  2. Significantly lower maintenance costs, not having to deal with a complex and expensive hydraulic system.
  3. Lower running costs due to longer maintenance intervals, fewer components involved: that is why Storti has a 50% smaller hydraulic tank compared to its competitors
  4. Possibility to have the same power even after many hours of work, no hydraulic oil overheating, guaranteeing a homogeneous and precise mixing and constant working times without having to count on forced stops to cool the circuit down.
  5. Thanks to the engine positioned in the front of the machine in a lowered position, Storti design guarantees optimal visibility in all conditions, while mixing or driving on the road; we kept external overall dimensions small, offering one of the best wheelbases between the two axles available on the market; delivering excellent maneuverability, higher than average loading capacity, efficient and constant rear traction.

Carro Trincia-Miscelatore Semovente Doberman SW 270 GP

If you have never tried one of our machines, you should!… we will be pleased to show you these and more technical features of our feed mixer wagons!

Have a good work, everyone!

Storti S.p.A.

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