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Download the new Storti App now! Available for free download from the main on-line app stores.

Register, download it and become part of the Storti Community today!

Lots of interesting content and functions in the Storti App for the owners of Storti wagons and animal-feed enthusiasts.

Here is the browser menu that you will find in the app:


  • My machines: this section is reserved for Storti machine owners. Click on the menu item to access the list of your mixer wagons already registered on-line with the option to consult the relevant manuals.
  • Machine registration: the new Storti app allows you to register your mixer wagons on-line. After registering your machine, you will be able to consult the use and maintenance manual on-line and the spare parts manual for your specific wagon: all-important technical documentation always to hand! A short tutorial on the procedure to follow to complete the registration is given below:

  • Penn State Particle Separator: this is a system that measures the uniformity of the mixture, developed by Penn State University in America and applied via through the use of their particle separator. The method is well-known among cattle farmers; our app lets you keep track of the particle separator measurements and provides temporary statistics on their operation.
  • Prices: an up-to-date price observatory for raw materials, milk, cheese, meat and more. Access to all the European markets with a single click.
  • Product range: a brief overview of the Storti product range, with photos and information on the models available in the range.
  • News: the latest technological innovations, developments, agricultural and livestock issues. A window that’s always open onto what’s going on at Storti S.p.A.
  • Fan Shop: in this section, you can view Storti gadgets and customised clothing, complete with sizes and retail prices. Has something caught your eye? Load it into the basket and send an email to Storti Service, who will be happy to answer your questions.
  • Contact us: a fast and convenient on-line messaging service to stay in touch with us at all times!

In addition, on the Home Page of the new app you will always find a link to our news and the latest updates on the Storti social pages.

Join the Storti Community; we look forward to welcoming you!

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