Storti S.p.A. is increasingly consolidating its presence in the north-west of France by reinforcing already existing agreements and commercial distribution arrangements in the Pay de la Loire region.

This project is driven by the presence in Bain-de-Bretagne of the Storti France office and aims at intensifying the presence in an area known to be rich in opportunities.

Not only that. In addition to strengthening Storti’s competitive position with a wide range of TMR feed mixers, the consolidation also reflects the company’s commitment to meeting the needs of its customers with fast and top quality after-sales services.

The words of three representatives of the dealers, Hamon, Cam 49 and SAS Fournier, all Valtra distributors, highlight some of the most significant features.

„We are Valtra dealers,” says Mickael Benatre of SAS Fournier, „but we also represent other brands. Since 2013, a few months after I started managing the company founded by my uncle, we have been working with Storti. A business partnership that has become stronger and stronger over time”.


Raynald Hamon echoes him: „We have three dealerships in the Loire-Atlantique department and have represented Valtra for more than 20 years. We have been working with Storti for about five months and it is a real opportunity for us to grow. Being able to offer Storti feed mixers is an enrichment of our fleet; Storti is a brand renowned for quality at work”.


„Cam 49 is a family business,” added Arnaud Housset, director of Comptoir Agricole des Mauges, „that I have been running since 2011, the year since we became a Valtra dealer. We have a wide range of partnerships with various manufacturers and with Storti we have had a more than established relationship for about 15 years”.

A partnership that has been built day by day with great work and cooperation on both sides: „One of the strengths of this collaboration is the short distance, about 80 km, between our company and Storti’s French subsidiary in Bain – de Bretagne,” continued Arnaud Housset. „The advantage is also having a spare parts warehouse so close to us. The efficiency of the after-sales service, in terms of quality and speed, is extremely important and with Storti this aspect is handled in the best possible way”.


„We also have the advantage of being close to Storti France,” added Raynald Hamon, „so we have proximity for both after-sales service and spare parts service. These are renowned and well-known machines, built in a company with a strong sense of family and made up of very responsive people who offer a very wide range on the market.”

„After 13 years of collaboration,” concluded Mickael Benatre (SAS Fournier), „we can state a few things with absolute certainty. The first concerns the great reliability of Storti machines. A feature that is also greatly appreciated by CUMAs, cooperatives for the use of agricultural machinery. There is an important aspect, which says a lot about how much these machines are appreciated: farmers who buy a Storti machine usually come back to it later when they have to replace it. Then there is a second important aspect concerning the proximity of Storti France, which is based in Brittany, i.e. not even an hour’s drive from our company. Finally, one last aspect concerns the technical-sales team. It is an efficient team that responds very quickly and with great competence even on non-working days: we have always received an answer to every question”.

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