Export in Storti’s DNA

Export in Storti’s DNA


(Dunker T1 and T2 Split developed with an eye on export.)

Storti has always had a strong vocation for export and has been a pioneer in many markets, including emerging ones. Like many Italian industrial companies, we are proud to export our „Made in Italy” technology to 50 countries around the world, but above all to build stable and lasting relationships with importers and customers who have continued to renew their trust in us for many years.

Thanks to them we have been able to carve out a space for ourselves even in emerging markets, adapting our range to their logistics need.

For example, we have developed a range of vertical trailed feed mixers with a sectional bolt-on tank so that part of the side walls can be removed and their volume can be optimised for loading into containers.

This has given our importers a competitive advantage and allowed us to achieve excellent export targets.


The Dunker T1 and T2 Split range of feed mixers are an example of this because, in addition to the bolt-on mixing tank we have already mentioned, they have also been fitted with high-flotation wheels to ensure a stable ride even on rough and muddy terrain typical of some developing countries.

Quality and flexibility are certainly the winning features of a small pocket-sized multinational like Storti.

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