EIMA: the great return


The great return. The Bologna Exhibition Centre finally reopens its doors to its major events and welcomes back the 44th edition of Eima International after the pandemic nightmare more than a year and a half, the great exhibition dedicated to agricultural machinery. As soon as you set foot in the pavilions of the exhibition centre, the atmosphere is immediately one of optimism and restart.


You can hear English, Spanish, German and other languages being spoken, you can see the products and touch them with your own hands, you can meet people, talk face to face (even if always with a mask), “shake hands”. A trade fair that is physiologically and inevitably downsized in terms of numbers, after the wounds left by Covid: but despite everything, it is not the time for negative balances, but to look to the future. Eima 2021 underlines the importance of an extremely high-tech sector: agriculture plays a fundamental role in economic and industrial progress and operators in this sector, like Storti, are the protagonists and nowadays, more than ever, agricultural machinery plays an essential role as the event testified. Not only the number of visitors was remarkable, but also the quality of the audience, mostly composed by economic operators, interested in new products and in the purchase of technologies suitable for the most different agricultural contexts.

This edition of Eima was a great opportunity for Storti to strengthen its presence as a leader in a continuously growing and developing sector. The most innovative self-propelled wagon of our company was physically present to underline how much Storti pays attention to the need of final customers or distributors.

In fact, this attitude has attracted many distributors of the brand, both Italian and from all over the world, to participate in the Bologna Kermesses and they have been welcomed by Storti with the usual enthusiasm and dynamism that has always distinguished our company.

Storti Management and Van Den Berg Farmstore BV management

Ecofarm, part of Storti S.p.A., was also present working in the zootechnical world to research innovative solutions improving farm profitability and food quality (milk, derivatives, meat…) and in these last years it has found excellent results in horticulture, open field agriculture and fruit farming.

This exciting air of restart together with the continuous and careful research for improvements has brought to Storti also potential „new customers”, interested in evaluating and trying our new products and solutions.


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