Boxer: Storti new horizontal range


Since many years Storti philosophy to the different mixing technologies available in the market has be neutral, meaning the feed mixer is a complex machine and choosing the right one is not following a preconception or following a fashion.

In our opinion it is important to focus on the needs of the customer, which products are used, his or her expectation and the loading organisation in the farm.

So, to the simple question, is better a horizontal or a vertical… we cannot give a direct or arbitrary reply, but rather understand several aspects which might lead us to the right choice.

For this reason, Storti feed mixer range is one the widest in the market and includes horizontal trailed machines with 1, 2 or 3 augers from 5 to 28m³ with or without rear milling cutter arm and vertical trailed machines with 1, 2 or 3 augers from 8 to 44m³, without mentioning Self-propelled machines of both technologies.

This is a unique value of this Company, to support the concept that when choosing the right mixer several aspects should be weighed and not bending to some passing fashion or restricted ideas.

Here below we are going to describe the new model in our range, the Boxer, a twin horizontal auger feed mixer which replaces and enlarge the Akita and Marmix models.

So, why choosing such a technology?… which are the main characteristics of these machines?

First, like all horizontal machines, this model guarantees a fast and precise cut thanks to its number of knives on the two counter-movement bottom augers which can be regulated by selecting a full or half-full set of knives per auger.

Then the modified shape of the tank increases the speed and quality of the discharge now more constant and precise on both sides lowering the power requested and improving consequently the life of the machine thanks also to an increased thickness of the bottom.


The transmission has been completely revised, the sealing internally in the tank has been improved with new bearings and anti-dust gaskets in the front wall, the chain system has been modified and now it is also possible to add oil bath system for the bigger models from 18-21-24m³.

The new range is available in:

  •  MT (only mixer): 7-9-12-15-18-21-24m³
  •  DS (with milling cutter): 7-9-12-15-18m³

The DS version, with the rear milling cutter, allows a precise loading process thanks also to a newly redesigned rotor, now up to 1800mm wide which is very careful in respecting the fibre and the CE regulations without compromise for the safety of the operator.

Boxer MT e Boxer DS

This type of horizontal machine is also specially designed for the loading of round bales dry or wrapped having this twin but with counter movement set of bottom augers and for discharging simultaneously on both sides.

For all the above, this new range of Boxer is a very versatile and compact feed mixer which will impress and satisfy several needs and special requests of our customers.

Contact us for a DEMO in your farm, it will be our pleasure to show you this machine and demonstrate all its advantages!

Storti S.p.A.

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