1956 – 2021 65 years of industrial growth, research and development

1956 – 2021 65 years of industrial growth, research and development


It was 1956 when STORTI S.P.A. was founded; the company was born in the countryside of Verona – Italy, precisely in Belfiore (VR); always dedicated to the production of machines for animal feeding using the TMR technology, it has made technological development and the ability to create uniqueness suited to every market need its strong points; this attitude, always aimed at technological, industrial development and quality improvement, has led to the distribution of more than 40,000 machines over the years, also thanks to an organisation capable of using advanced management, design and production tools. Needless to say, that from 2009 to date, around 10,000 machines have been introduced to the market.

It is with pride, innovation, team spirit and an eye always projected towards future developments that today, in 2021, a pandemic year, STORTI can count as many as 160 configurations among its products.

In fact, it is enough to think how different the geographical areas are only in Italy, let alone all over the world, where STORTI’s distribution network has been able to reach more than 40 countries. During our long history, important industrial agreements have been sealed, of which 8 OEM and Technology Transfers.

Just like a tailor who creates a perfectly fitting suit not only to enhance the style but above all the beauty and uniqueness of the wearer, so have STORTI been able to adapt an extremely effective and high-performance product to every different requirement.

When we talk about diversity between geographical areas, we cannot avoid thinking of different types of farms, which have completely customised structural requirements and management dynamics. STORTI has been able to develop technology, configurations and products that have achieved goals otherwise unthinkable.

Being able to make a product grow around the customer’s needs and not by making the customer adapt to the product has only been possible because at the helm of this solid company there has always been a family. A family that, in addition to achieving professional merits, now recognised all over the world, have been able to transmit values of uniqueness, perseverance, resilience and trust to all its collaborators and employees, thus bringing out the best of everyone one and creating a team where each actor is a leader in his own way and for his own personality. STORTI have been able to give confidence to its Dealers, importers and subsidiaries, allowing a considerable increase in exports, which today account for 70% of their turnover.

The ITALIAN WAY has been one of the most envied, recognized, heritage for generations around the world. That ability to achieve success through unique paths, creating, developing, producing with passion and, why not, even with a touch of madness; that madness needed to invest in order to always guarantee a prosperous future full of satisfaction. STORTI can count on the registration of more than 40 important patents in the livestock industry.

Looking at the future with confidence, without forgetting where you come from is one of the mottos chosen to celebrate 65 years of STORTI. By revamping in 2021, the year of the company’s birthday, one of the most popular product names of the past, the BOXER (which together with Pluto and Bulldog) has traced the successes of one of the leading companies in the world of self-propelled machines.

This is STORTI: a UNIQUE past…a STRONG present…a future to be WRITTEN TOGETHER…


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