Just For You


2021 begins with a pleasant surprise and a gift from Storti Spa to give our simple but heartfelt thanks to all our customers who choose us to feed their animals with a self-propelled mixer wagon.

For each self-propelled mixer wagon sold in 2021, be it a Terrier or a Pointer, a Greyhound or a Doberman, the “Just For You” box will be offered in the cabin and will include a work overalls, 2 T-shirts and 2 caps of our Gadget range, rigorously Storti branded!!


Not only do we want to thank our customers for the choice and trust they put in our brand and products and in our sales network, who are always available both from a commercial and a technical/service point of view, but also to give a small positive signal and a good omen towards 2021 after a very difficult 2020, where many of our certainties and beliefs have been put to the test.


We hope that this kit can also be useful and pleasant in the daily activities you, our customers, lead in feeding and caring of your animals, which we notice, appreciate and support; in the hard work and passion we see in your eyes and in your hands every time we meet you and visit your farms.

We wish you a year full of satisfactions and positive results! We hope our professional and personal support can always be for you a sign of strong determination and passion. A distinguishing sign for being always at your side, ensuring products and services that meet your needs and requirements.

Thank you once again! Do not forget that our range of Gadgets is much wider and constantly updated, therefore we invite you to visit often and to contact us if there is anything you would like to receive!


Appreciating your purchase, we wish you will enjoy your new Storti self-propelled wagon!

Happy New Year and see you soon!

Storti S.P.A

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