After-sales and refurbishment of used mixer wagons


Managing the after-sales process is a very important aspect on the management front and not only: after-sales information, in fact, also gives many indications on commercial performance.

In general, knowing everything that happens after the sale can be a great opportunity for the company as well as providing the customer with the perception of a high quality service.

Service activities, installation, maintenance, support and replacements: even after the sale, the customer must be satisfied.

Allocating resources to manage after-sales, setting up a correct strategy to handle non-conformities and finding the right service solutions are crucial activities for small, medium and large companies.


In fact, Storti SpA offers this service not only as a general after-sales service after the purchase of a mixer wagon and all that it entails, but also gives the all-round possibility of refurbishing a used mixer wagon.

The company pays particular attention to the topics of ‘reuse’ ‘repair’ and ‘recycle’. We conducted a brief interview with a colleague, Nicola Marconi, who deals with this subject.

When asked what kind of refurbishment is done in the case of used mixer wagons, he replies that machines sold under warranty are refurbished in compliance with the regulations in force. The repair is done for both the mechanical part and the worn parts, which are replaced with new parts.

The hydraulic part, e.g. pumps, are also recalibrated and tested, and the electrical system is reconditioned if necessary. Obviously, everything is done with an eye to safety regulations and ongoing updates.

Turning then to the aesthetic part of the mixer wagon, Storti offers the added value of internal painting, to perfect the final part of painting and polishing once the repair has been completed in all its parts.

The colleague also adds that not only Storti refurbishes its own used vehicles but also those of our competitors, offering them an all-round service as well, giving them the possibility of a mixer wagon for hire during the necessary repair time.

Certainly, good ‘after-sales’ practices trigger loyalty, repaying the commitment with new sales, and widening the circle of trust to other customers by promoting positive word-of-mouth, and Storti has hit the mark in this respect.

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