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The link between Storti S.p.A. and the French market dates back to the 1980’s when, thanks to an agreement with Kuhn Agri, today’s Kuhn Group, the first feed mixer manufactured in Belfiore arrived in France. Since then, the French market has changed a lot and so have the Storti feed mixer wagons: both have evolved in step with the times and with technology.

France is a reference point in Europe in animal husbandry: in the primary sector, livestock farming plays a major role. Its 19 million head of cattle are divided almost equally between beef cattle and dairy cows.

The organization of farms in France is peculiar: farms often decide to join in C.U.M.A., sharing machinery between members. It is estimated that in France in 2020 there were more than 11.000 C.U.M.A., with more than 200.000 members. Storti counts many C.U.M.A. among its customers, which use high speed self-propelled road vehicles for transfers between farms, ensuring fresh mix to their herds every day.

All the products of the Storti S.p.A. range find their natural place in this panorama: from the small horizontal trailed mixer wagons with silage cutter, to the big vertical two augers trailed wagons, to the self-propelled wagons homologated for road circulation.

In 2008 Storti S.p.A. decided that the time was right to create its own subsidiary in the territory: Storti France was born.

Storti France is located in Bain de Bretagne. From there we offer our technical and commercial support to the dealers and retailers with whom we collaborate throughout the country.

Among our reference customers there are farms and breeding farms of all kinds, with beef cows or fattening bulls, which use vertical and horizontal, trailed and self-propelled mixer wagons.   Storti also serves sheep and goat farms.

Many machines are equipped with the renowned Storti silage loader. The Storti Fibre Pick Up System (FPS) is one of the best loading systems for grass silage, simple, structured, powerful and economical. Link.

At Storti, mixing quality is crucial. A homogeneous and fast mix is our priority.

Self-propelled technology is our passion. In this respect, Storti has a wide range of large and medium-sized machines with a modern chassis concept that allows safe driving speeds up to 40 km/h.

Our exclusive Mech Drive system offers the advantage of low maintenance costs and reliable performance throughout the life of the self-propelled mixer wagons. Mech Drive is the abbreviation for the mechanical transmission to the augers of the self-propelled mixer system. This system avoids the power losses that inevitably occur with hydrostatic transmissions. More engine power is converted into a powerful and fast mixing action. The advantage translates into substantial savings in fuel costs, especially on large-capacity machines. At the same time, maintenance of the self-propelled wagon remains simple, fast and economical. Link.

Throughout Europe, Storti sets the standard for economical and professional self-propelled machines for intensive use, both for contractors and large farms.

Service and maintenance are extremely important in animal husbandry. Storti France, thanks to its service department and its network of local partners, offers a widespread and timely service. The warehouse in Bain de Bretagne is regularly supplied with spare parts from the Italian parent company.

Would you like to know more or are you interested in a demo of our mixer wagons? You can contact us by email at or call us on +33 02 99 44 25.



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