Partner network in Italy and abroad

The key to our success is our constant commitment in guaranteeing the highest standards in terms of quality and support. A mixer wagon does its job every day. This is why Storti offers its customers an extensive network of qualified partners who have a well-stocked spare parts warehouse. Their many years of experience in the livestock sector and the refresher courses held at the Storti Training Centre, allows them to be able to quickly deal with all types of requests.


Warranty management has been simplified because of advanced technological solutions and a dedicated online portal. The computerised database of technical itemised lists detailing machine configurations produced even as far back as 50 years ago, together with the digitisation of spare parts catalogues, makes the identification of spare parts intuitive and rapid.

Somewhere near you

In the province of Verona alone, Storti offers its customers a direct after-sales service due to its fully equipped internal workshop and 2 mobile workshops. In addition to the sale of spare parts, routine and non-routine maintenance, and with the assistance of a variety of specific tools, our technicians carry out diesel engine diagnostics and evaluation of used wagons with thickness measurements and material wear.

Affordability and peace of mind

Working with peace of mind is paramount. Our Affordability and Peace of Mind Packages allow you to work worry-free and help you save. Discover our Storti warranty extension and routine maintenance packages. Contact us to discover all the benefits.

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