Storti France: the opinion and testimony of a french customer

Storti France: the opinion and testimony of a french customer


France, since the times of the first Dessilcar and Cocker, has always represented for Storti Spa an important market with a great potential. With the passing of time, the turnover and the solid commercial relations built up, have had as a natural outlet the creation of a branch, Storti France.

Storti S.p.a. has chosen Brittany, the beating heart of French animal husbandry, as the location for its headquarters. Our offices and warehouses are located in Bain de Bretagne: from there our colleagues, technicians and salesmen leave every day to go to customers and dealers all over the country.

Recently, one of our collaborators, Mr Nicolas Moron, sent us an interview with a company customer, the full text of which is given below. We believe that hearing the opinion of a dairy farmer may be of interesting to all those who follow the news on the Storti website from all over the world!

„Let me introduce myself: I am Frédéric Meunier, co-manager of the GAEC farm in La Pépinière. On the farm, I am mainly involved in breeding. We are located in Saint Aubin de Bonneval, 61470, an area known as „La pépinière“ (in English „The Garden“).

The farm has 450 animals in total, 140 in milking, 110 beef cattle and 200 heifers. For dairy cows we cooperate with a local cheese factory while for the beef cattle with a local butcher’s shop. Since 2012 we also have a biogas plant.

Our experience with Storti mixer wagons began with a horizontal Setter 8m³ with silage cutter, then we switched to a self-propelled Dunker SV 140 in 2007 and since February 2021 we have had a self-propelled Dobermann SW 160 AS.

Until today, this new machine has 100 working hours, which means a daily use of about one and a half hours per day.

At that time, our choice for a Storti was recommended by the company’s consultant and because of the good relationship with the local Storti dealer. Since then, we have always had Storti feed mixer wagons.


The purchase of the first Storti machine allowed us to introduce different products in the mixes (fibre, grass silage, maize, feeds). We are now on our third Storti mixer wagon (one trailed and two self-propelled) and have saved a lot of time over the years, gained in comfort, improved mixing quality and top driving pleasure. The self-propelled Dobermann twin auger allows us to prepare mixes of small quantities of products, up to 300 kg. The layout of the controls in the cab adapts to each product that needs to be loaded, regardless of the functionality selected. Finally, the design of the rear discharge allows us not to step on the TMR with the wheels when passing through the manger.

In case of problems we can rely on the local dealer, SAMA, and of course on Storti’s service. We are very satisfied with the service. As proof of this our mixers have been working every day for last 10 years, which confirms that our initial choice for Storti was the right one.

The only defect we have noticed on the machine is the long time it takes to change the camera from „reverse“ to „bowl“ mode.

We currently consume 9 litres of fuel per hour, which is very reasonable for a machine of this type and size.

With this machine we have been able to improve our intermediate ration between the end of the silo and the new silo by incorporating fibre without affecting the herd. “

From Mr Meunier’s story, emerge the main strengths of Storti the self-propelled mixer wagons:

  • the powerful loading fresa arm, equipped with the FPS system, which enables the correct balance of force and respect for the structure of the different ingredients;
  • the great advantage of the MecDrive mechanical transmission, which combines simplicity and power with considerable fuel savings.

You can find our articles on the FPS cutter and MecDrive transmission at this link.

We would like to thank Mr Meunier very much for his testimony, which allowed us to travel for a few minutes to a farm in Normandy, France.

For all readers who live in France: for any information, enquiries and to book a demo with a Storti mixer wagon, please contact our colleagues:

Jacky Lucienne, tel. +33 647662084

Nicolas Moron, tel. +33 689619199

Hugues Piget, tel. +33 789562415

And for any other enquiries, our colleague Anne-Francoise Rosec will answer you from the Storti France offices: tel. +33 02 99 44 25 03

Our next trip will be to Germany, with an interview with a customer of our German subsidiary Storti Deutschland.

See you soon!

Storti S.p.A.

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