Farm Wellness and Biogas

Ecofarm was founded based on the national and international experience of the staff of the parent company Storti Spa. It is concerned mainly with the renewable energy sector and offers a complete range of stationary mixer wagons for biogas producing companies, and in the Farm Wellness sector with solutions and equipment for animal welfare, which contribute to a reduction in health costs and an increase livestock productivity.

The family grows

Ecofarm is a commercial enterprise that has recently signed several agreements with leading companies for the distribution of their products. Broadening its range of established products such as straw spreader, Sweeper and Motobrush with newcomers; the gFeed feed pusher and the gDunker automatic feed distribution system.

Respecting the human, the animal and the environment

The ongoing debate between farmers from around the world has allowed us to understand how fundamental it is to improve the profitability of the company and the quality of the milk and meat they produce. The products and good practices proposed by Ecofarm help confer competitiveness to the farmers and support them in a qualitative and economical production respecting the animals and the environmental parameters of sustainability.

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