Imagine a world where economic and environmental sustainability, traceability and animal welfare become the values that overcome the feed challenges of the future.


We have been manufacturing machinery and technological solutions for animal feed and welfare since 1956. We satisfy the needs of our customers with products and services with a high degree of quality and innovation. We stand out from the rest in our work, our passion, our ethics and in our strong team spirit.

Quality and Innovation

Always one step ahead for over 60 years. And always providing excellent quality. Our unwavering focus on research and our eye for detail, handed down by our founder, still guides the company and guarantees the highest product quality combined with superlative reliability, high performance and ongoing technological evolution.

Customer-Centred Approach

A special focus on the needs of our customers. Because each geographical area, each type of farming has its own unique requirements. Our products grow around the needs of the customer and adapt to them.


Products and technological solutions designed to reduce environmental impact – machines with the lowest power consumption in the sector and solutions for animal welfare…because we are building the future today and we are thinking of a greener world.


Our curiosity and desire to climb (develop, improve, fly) without ever feeling complacent by what we have achieved are what drives us forward

Organization and team spirit

A group will reach heights that an individual can only imagine. A team is made up of different people and these differences are the added value that brings advantages to the entire group. In Storti, we respect talent, the person as an individual, and we value personal growth to reach our common goals.



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